Get maximum profitability of your home, when you can not enjoy it

Your home in good hands

Our experience of more than 30 years, in the real estate world, allows us to have a team of professional people to preserve your home, in perfect condition in every way. We all work to not create problems, on the contrary we help you where you need us. Whether, if you are already a customer of ours, as if you are not already, we wish you that your experience with us is always the most nice possible.

Enjoy it whenever you want

The work system allows you to enjoy your home, when you wish, we simply block it in the system and it is not available to tenants. The house will be equally ready at your entrance and when you leave it, we will leave it in perfect condition. Check, how satisfied you are with our services.

Maximum profitability

If you have one or more homes in our work area, you must contact us. We offer you maximum profitability. Sure, we have an option that suits what you want or need. You will only worry about seeing your Account

What we do?

Surely you have experienced any of these situations, if you have a rental home, and if you are thinking of putting your home for rent, without Paco, you will surely live

I have lost my house keys!

It can happen any day and night, receive a call from your guests, who have lost the key, are in the street, .. With us they will never call you, they will call Paco

The Festivities Organized by Guests

Your guests are on vacation and their friends have come home or have simply organized a party. Your neighbors work, the parties annoy you, they can’t sleep and logically the fault is because you have your house rented, … Some neighbor may call in bad ways. In this case, Paco will warn the guests that you can not be bothered, depending on the house and if necessary he will talk with the neighbors to call you.

Check-in, cannot be done at the scheduled time

The plane, the car, the traffic, the children,… How many times have we heard these reasons. Reasons that guests give us, when they don’t arrive on time and you have other plans, other appointments. what it has to do? Adjust your guests coming from outside or find someone who can receive them. That is one of our jobs and Paco will take care of receiving them.

Breakdowns that occur at the worst time.

Your guests will be only a few days in your home and expect everything to function properly, the washing machine, kitchen, shower, wifi, TV, blinds, … or any existing rate in the house with the possibility of damage. What happens if something doesn’t work? With our guest service, they will call Paco at any time.

You sleep, thieves don’t rest.

Your home will have theft and vandalism insurance. Fortunately, it happens a few times, but, if it happens, Paco will be there, to attend, as many times as necessary, to the technicians of the insurance company, as to those who come to perform, any repairs.

Our Work areas

We provide our services, mainly in the Vega Baja area of the Segura River and south of the province of Alicante

Do you have a question?

If you have any questions about our products or services, please fill out the form below and we will contact you shortly. You can also call us by phone or even come visit us – we hope to see you soon!

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